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A game of champions... Boozewar is drunkness at it's finest.

Mindless alcoholism is the name of the game. Played only with the best of beers, Natural Ice* is preferred, this game's sole purpose is for you to achieve quick obliteration. Drinking has never been so fun and easy!

Dou you know how to play traditional war with playing cards? Good. Now there's a new twist: one enjoys the fruits of their labor by drinking at their every loss.

Every time you lose a round, take ONE sip.
If you lose a war, take TWO sips.
If you get caught not drinking on your turn, drink TWO sips.
If you falsely accuse someone of NOT drinking, take THREE sips.
In the instance of a double war, the loser takes FOUR sips, and so on.
If you run out of cards, pick the person you think will be the only prevailing Boozewarrior and drink when they drink.

BOOZEWAR is the optimum pre-game and is guaranteed to get you blasted. Once a drunkard has played this lovely game, it will remain at the top of their boozing game list.

*Ice beer has a higher alcohol content.
Remember to drink responsibly-ish!!
You down for a couple rounds of Boozewar tonight? I'll bring the Natty.

Please give me an Advil, I played Boozewar last night until 3 in the morning.
by Jaimee Pearson January 02, 2009
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