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One who is in tune with the alcohol Drinking Force.
The most noteable Booze Jedi's are:

I) O'Beerwon Kenobi
II) Heineken Skywalker
III) Quaigon Gin
IV) Darth "Single" Maul-t
V) Irish Soda Yoda
VI) Darth Sudsious
At a Frat Party....
O'Beerwon Kenobi: "Did you see the knockers on the chick from Pi Theta Gamma?";
Heineken Skywalker: "Yeah man! I gave her the old Booze Jedi mind trick last night if you know what I mean, HA HA"
Irish Soda Yoda: "Run the Train on her we should!"
Quaigon Gin; Darth "Single" Maul-t; Darth Sudsious: "Hell Yeah!"
by Gozer The Great October 31, 2007
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