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A BootylicousSpicePepper is one of the most iconic person in the world. If u mess with people they stan get ready to get snatched bald and an ass whopping yo Latino mama thinks is too hard. If u mess with a BootylicousSpicePeppers other BootylicousSpicePeppers will come at u, and they loveeeee kfc.
Guy 1: Yesterday a horde of people attacked me cause I messed with one of them, I think they call themselves BootylicousSpicePeppers
Guy 2: You messed with who ???? Oh no bubu u do not mess with a BootylicousSpicePepper in fact im one of them
Guy2 proceeds to snatch guy 1 bald
by A bootylicousspicepepper September 22, 2019
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