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A slang word that originated with musician TrenchCoat Fred when describing his woman,Melody, when she was so fine no other words could describe her. This word is used in place of other words when speaking of someone, something, when what you are talking about is either extremely good or exremely bad. The key to this word is that not all is booty waa only extremes that you want to set out as beyond normal words.
"Man, that girl is beyond fine..she's booty waaa"
"Oh my woman is no ho she be total booty waaa"
"I thought that chocolate pie was so booty waaa but you look so good, you be the finest of fine booty waaa"
"That car was so kick ass its booty waaa"
"Man, thats some nasty booty waaa"
"My brother is so messed up, he's pulling all kinds of booty waaa"
"I ain't emptying that trash its all booty waaa'd"

Also spelled and pronounced as "Boody Waaa"
by Squeakkss July 06, 2006
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