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When a woman (or feminine man) girates there gluteus maximus in such a way that resembles a person having a seizure standing upright. At first glance it seems to be a pretty sexy dance move, but upon closer inspection the individual looks quite uncomfortable like they're vigorously shaking an extremely clingy shitlock off of of they assbeard.
A: Hey Secretia. Check out that crazy bootch havin a fit on the dance flo.
B: Damn Laqueefa! That bitch might really be sick or some shit.
A: Nah, she just be havin a massive booty seizure!

C: Michaella are you up for a brief jaunt down to the local disco, I feel a booty seizure coming on.
D: Why yes Bruce, but you must not forget to bring your dance helmet in case you go full on seize and land flat on your perfect little Shnoz.
by Dr. Rockwell March 20, 2010
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