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Typically, a Booty Call is when a man gets a late night call from a woman that wants to fuck between the hours of 12am-3am. If you are the guy, she only calls you because she knows that you won't take her out, and you have a reputation for laying pipe really well. If you are the girl, it's because you're hot and bothered, and you want your stab sack pounded on.

Well, just recently we've discovered a new breed of booty calling. It occurs in the wee hours of the morning on week nights from ass hurt posters who are begging for some attention on message boards. These men can be referred to bitches as too. They tend to get all hot and bothered by the popularity of others, and their way of crying out for attention is going on a message board crooning the name of the posters they'd like to suck or fuck.
Booty Call Threads

User: djohn2oo8: Yesterday, 02:06 AM

Title: Who else feels bad for lakaluva?

He used to have a decent case for being an effective troll, but is now obsessed with Duncan. Damn shame too, nobody is on anyone's mind like that unless they gave em' a good fuck. Bouncing pennies off men's asses was probably the tipping point for him
by lakaluva December 09, 2010
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