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Short for Booty Buns Sex which in itself is a euphamism for Anal Sex. Booty Buns sounds much cuter than Anal and as a result stupid women (i.e. women) will be more likely to accept Booty Buns Sex over Anal Sex.
Me: Hey Brenda lemme wedge my fattie fat fat cock into your narrow ass most likely resulting in you hemorrhaging to death, whattayasay?
Brenda McCuntface: Ewe gross. That's nasty cause that's where the poop comes out. Of your anus. Gross. I-
Me: Jesus shut up bitch. How about Booty Buns Sex instead?
Brenda McCuntface: Hey now! That sounds fun! My booty is what I use for dancing!
Me: I hate you. Bend over.
by scifiducky September 04, 2009
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