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The smell produced by all boots at any given time. Usually a combination of wearing PT shirts from Boot Camp and MCT, continuing the same bathing habits done in Boot Camp and MCT, and wearing the same PT shirts on consecutive days without washing them, despite wearing them to PT, working strenuously in the heat, or simply just sweating copiously. Boots are usually unaware, and sometimes even seem to embrace the bootstink.
Dude, that moto run this morning left me with a bad case of the bootstink. I need to fucking take a shower bro!
by Cpl Hugh G Rection August 20, 2010
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The smell that is caused by the consistant wearing of an old pair of boots; usually hidden while the boots are on, but when taken off, a putrid, vomit-inducing stank is emitted. On certain occasions the bootstink is so bad that it is noticeable while the boots are still being worn.
"Did you get a whiff of Kenny's bootstink? Damn, it made me near keel over and die."
"Oh I know, man. I won't even hang out with him anymore because of it."

"Yo dude, what is that skeezy smell?"
"I think it's Katie's bootstink, she's had the same shoes for like, 5 years. I wanted to date her, until I caught a whiff of her damn feet."
by kc85 August 29, 2009
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