A remix of a song, almost exclusively in the electronic dance music genre, in which the remixing DJ uses an entire song or samples from a song in a remix without the explicit permission of the original artist. This is however considered an acceptable practice as nearly all EDM DJs care more about the music than they care about the money. Having someone remix your song, bootleg or not, is typically a sign of great respect and appreciation.
Have you heard the Omnia bootleg remix of Orjan Nilsen's La Guitarra?

Hell yes, fucking CHOON!
by Solypsys March 18, 2009
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Some of hottest producers from around the globe use this time-honored form of deceit by taking nostalgic or classic techno hits and remixing the dog piss out of them, in an attempt to transform the original into some New Age Top 40's EDM piece of mastery, that may sound familiar, but your not quite sure as to why. Regular Legos don't work with Lego's K'Nex, so stop it!

Many famous artists have done exactly this, some of the most famous being:

Example #1: Pharell/Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines VS. Marvin Gaye - Got to Give it Up
Example #2: House of Pain - Jump Around VS. Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain
Example #3: Pitbull - Culo - VS. Nina Sky - Move ya body
Jim: Bro this Festy is the best, your totally missing out on the action!
Bob: Really? any chicky babes showing off the twins?
Jim: Some threw bras at the end of Splewguetta's set. Cause he mixed Castles in the Sky into bangin Trap.
Bob: What?!? Jim, please do me a favor when you get home, OK?
Jim: Sure Bob anything, whats up?
Bob: Please delete my phone number and lose me as a friend.
Jim: What? What did I do?
Bob: You haven't learned a thing! You've called me 5 times in the last 6 hours. I've filled your head with common sense knowledge, and you still think your being embellished by unsurpassed super stars.
Jim: Shit, it's the drugs man, damn it, all I know is that DJ Splewguetta is about to play again and I can't wait to hear his night time set, he's a God, and I'm totally peakin right now!
Bob: Stay with me now, OK Jim. The reason Splewguetta is able to make that large of a transition, isn't because he's talented. In fact all the manipulation is done in pre-production. All the classic songs your hearing get put into a computer and edited. Dubs become Rubs then become Re-Rubs, and Remixes become Refixes, then released as a Bootleg to the world without tribute to the original artists. We call this a Re-Rubadub Refix Remix Bootleg. This is what many Faux DJ's have done to jump ahead in the Biz. Some Faux DJ's have so much money that they will pay another Faux DJ to produce tracks for them, better known as a Ghost Producer, aka the old bait and switch.
by DJ Max Portland August 10, 2017
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