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Main Entry: Marine Boot
Function: To make salts angry because FNGs have two left feet.

:Hazing done to boot Marines by old salts. Impossible orders are barked at boot Marines instructing said boot to turn two on a task that they have no idea how to accomplish. The old salts extract a sick pleasure out of this because they've all gone through it. Sadly, it's not understood by the public and frowned upon, but the old salts have full empathy for said boots. The salts are doing it not only to break the monotony of a dull period, but to also make the boot a better Marine. It's much like weaning a baby off the bottle. It's not cruel, it's done so as to speed the baby's progress along. It's now time to eat hard food!
Sgt. Salt: Hey boot, get up to FDC and get me a box of Grid Squares! Quick!

Boot marine: Aye Aye Sir!

Sgt. Salt: Boot get back here

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sir!

Sgt. Salt: I work for a living boot. I'm a Sgt. Don't ever call me sir again!

Boot Marine: Aye Aye sss... Aye Aye Sgt.!

Sgt. Salt: Boot, get up to TVM, and get some radial road wheels for the gun.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, take this bowl of salad up to the Motor poll. It's Q 5/10s turn to feed the Gama Goat.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

One minute later, laughter errupts from the bays of Motor T.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, get up to TVM and tell them that you need the key to the firing lock.
Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

Later in field whilst laying the gun, Sgt. Salt instructs Boot Marine to grab the aiming posts so they can lay the gun. Boot Marine refuses thinking it's another game, so Sgt. Salt tells L/Cpl. Somewhat Salty to take the Boot Marine's place. Upon seeing that it wasn't a joke, Boot Marine Feels like he's left down his battery.

Sgt. Salt: Boot, it's ok, now get over there cause we need a T, R, double E as well.

Boot Marine: Aye Aye Sgt.!

And so on, and so on until Boot Marine becomes embittered at the world and wants to kill everything he sees!
by bolillo loco December 27, 2009
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