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Every curse word ever, conceived into one single super-curse word. It can be compared to the magnitude of the word "fuck", times about several trillion. It is possibly the worst thing you could ever call someone.
1. After Kerry found her boyfriend right in the middle of sex with her sister, she yelled- "JOHN! YOU FUCKING BOONUR! YOU SLUTTY LITTLE TITTY-SHITTING BOONUR! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SHIT!"
2. After his mother deleted his World Of Warcraft account, Jerry yelled, "MOM, YOU BOONUR! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? THIS IS THE MOST HORRIBLE THING YOU'VE EVER DONE TO ME!"
3. "Hey, you know that girl Sarah? She is such a slutty boonur. I mean, she sleeps with like every guy she sees. I swear that girl is the most whorey little boonur in the history of boonurizm."
by Palafico October 22, 2010
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