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Do you ever find yourself in a conversation and you just wish there was a word to describe that certain feeling or emotion? Don't fear cause 'boongsnitch' is here.

Boongsnitch is a word that can be used for any situation, any occasion, any meaning. It is extremely flexible, it can be used for anger, happiness, to describe something sexual, to be offensive. Generally it is a great term to be thrown around in most conversations.

The derivation of the word is unknown, a mystery to all of man kind. However there is one common rumour that many boongsnitch sayers love to believe. When Adam first met Eve he discovered the erection. When he realised he could ejaculate he raged at Eve and tied her up using rope made from his pubic bush. He then proceeded to use her as a cum sock for ever and a day screaming boongsnitch after every load.

(Sing this to the Old McDonald Had a Farm beat)

Old Leb Jackson had a boong e-i-e-i-o
and on that farm he grew a snitch e-i-e-i-o
a boong boong here, a snitch snitch there
everywhere a boong boong overthere a snitch snitch
Old Leb Jackson is a boongsnitch e-i-e-i-o
Jackson: I rooted Sarah up against the wall last night

Lachlan: hahahha BOONGSNITCH

or -

Jackson: Tell that guy to get off my dang porch

Lachlan: Yeah, rack off you dirty boongsnitch
by DJ Kettle Stealing Boongsni October 31, 2011
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