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"Gins" or female aboriginals, albeit Full Abo, Half Abo, 1/3 Abo, 1/4 Abo ... etc are known to have extremely vile and terrible smelling vagina's.

It has been discovered that some secrete a cross between a fermenting Rubbish Tip and 30 day old Road Kill stench!
This smell is apparent when in close proximity to the Boong Tup of which stinks generally all the time, when aroused and/or just before sexual intercourse. (and during)

Despite showering (for the few female aboriginals who do take pride in their appearance) this nasty smelling Tup is enough to cause dry-reaching, vomiting, erectile dis-function and general disgust of Boong Tup.

The stench is enough to over power petrol vapors upon drying on mouth area, fingers and genitalia is sexual activity has been engaged with Boong Tup.
Person 1: *Holds 2 fingers in sideways angle* to Person 2 right under their nose.

Person 1: Hey man, smell my fingers

Person 2: *Dry-reaches* Is that Boong Tup !!

Person 1: Yep ....

Person 2: *Dry-reaches* ... Man that's dirty aye *In Borat Voice*: Smells like Road Killlll!"

Person 1: Hangs head in shame
by Regretting Boong Tup August 01, 2012
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