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A person that sleeps with someone, breaks it off to sleep with everyone else in the area or surrounding areas; only to come right back.
"If you love her, set her free! If she comes back, it's meant to be..."

No wait, nevermind. That will not work. She WILL come back.. She is a boomerang whore.

Whore Thirsty slut Thot
by Skitz-O March 02, 2017
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These girls are native to, but not exclusive to small towns in the Eastern Counties of England. As with any whore, they are willing to give up sex at anytime, but a boomerang whore will let her partner have sex with her, then her sister, then her best friend, then her mother, and then she will let you come back to her and have sex once again. Just like a boomerang, she will keep coming back to you, regardless of how you treat her.
Liz: Why do you let Brian come back and have sex with you, he fucked your mum, your sister, and even though i'm your best friend, he fucked me! He thinks he can get away with it because he says you are a "boomerang whore".
Jannine: Yeah, I know, I just love him so much.
Liz: You make me sick.
by Paul Fleming July 09, 2006
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