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1.) A type of insult that unexpectedly hurls itself back upon its foolish owner and blasts his/her ego into tiny shards of humility and disgrace.

2.) The boomerang "Insult" used by the 18th century Australian aborigine Chief Brucedingo to physically attack, rather than verbally assail, rapscallions.
1.) Brother 1: "You're mother's so stupid, she called you a son of a bitch!"
Brother 2: "You dick-brain, we have the same mom."

2.) Guy 1: "If you were twice as smart as I am, you'd still be stupid."
Guy 2: "..... You're a fucking idiot.. Use that tiny brain of yours better before you hurl another Boomerang Insult."

3.) Idiot: "You’re so stupid you tried to put alphabet soup in alphabetical order!"
Sage: "Yeah. It worked."
Idiot: "..."
Sage: "Sigh, another Boomerang Insult from you today. Well done!"

4.) Rapscallion: "Strewth! That fuckeroo just hit me noggin with a boom-er-ang!"
Aussie: "Consider yourself lucky mate. That was the legendary Brucedingo!"
by aeop June 27, 2011
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When one person says a clever or funny burn directed at another person, and everyone laughs in response, but it takes the one receiving the burn seconds or even minutes to understand it.
Person 1- **Insert witty burn here**
Group- **Lol rofl lmao**
Person 2- **blank stare** ......"oooooh! Hey that's not funny!"
Wow took you long enough to get the joke man! Another victim of the boomerang insult
by xXx_Death_xXx June 21, 2014
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