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Among the large scope of aging u.s. citizens born in the generation from '41 to ~'55, there seem to be ever more individuals that refuse to offer other younger citizens (see: millennial) any respect. Boomer trash being a derogatory statement for those particular errogant individuals, not much unlike Different in nature from "millennial" or "baby boomer" in that not all millennials are "snowflakes" and not all baby boomers are boomer trash.

Battle cries of the boomer trash include:

"Back in my day we-" (something like implying autism and mental illnesses didn't exist when in reality the mentally ill were locked away or treated like subhumans)

"You kids will never be able to-"
This one leads down lots of rabbit holes. No explanation needed.

"Typical millennial"

As if it offended us.

Pejorative term from the internet ironically highjacked from millennials

"Billy show me how to Snapchat, because I can't understand bhow to

press two buttons , also Billy youre always on your damned phone back in my day blah blah"

Signifiers of the boomer trash:
Hawaiian shirt and cargo pants
American classic automobiles
Republican values
Shouting at millennial cashiers and service workers
Scoffing at gays and the like
I feel disdain and malice for crotchety old asshats and crazy old bats that go around badmouthing my entire generation as a whole, yet I don't wish to generalize All of our elderly population, as my grandparents are quite sweet and loving, so I use the term " boomer trash" to describe aforementioned asshats and bats.
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by feddup withurshit May 08, 2018
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