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1) A slut that you won't take around your friends, but still fuck on a regular basis.
2) Derives from both terms booger(meaning slimy, nasty, and dirty), and woof(comes from a mut, usually associated with trashy and greasy bitches).
3) Will let you ass-fuck her in a allyway behind a dive bar.
Yeah man, i got some lil' boogerwoof on the case i need to get my dick wet.
by Dr. Anal-assist March 12, 2008
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A boogerwoof is usually a female who tends not to meet the standards of most men. Often used as a one night or to run a train. This is the type of person you deny being with til the end. Often associated with: thot, whore, and hoe.
Bethany is such a boogerwoof, she will run a choo choo for a mighty kids meal toy.
by Alejandro615 February 02, 2014
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