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A semi dried wafer thin snot membrane that flops back and forth as you breathe in and out. It usually occurs in the quiet of night when your bladder is about to burst but there is no way you are getting up to pee let alone get a Kleenex. Be warned! Do not attempt a nocturnal snot rocket. When dried this may result in a razor sharp fish scale esque barnicle that will adhere to anything it touches. This can be a bad situation (as you may have guessed) ... not that I know from experience!!!?
The bitch was keeping me awake with her whistling booger flake.
by projectmatter May 08, 2009
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That unexpected thin layer of dry snot that flies out of your nose when you exhale too strongly.
As I was about to read the book i was embarrassed to find that a boogerflake had fallen out of my nose
by pseudomike February 22, 2009
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