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Women use Boobvertising all the time when they dress up to go Manhunting. Their method is to advertise the most dangerous curves on the upper region of the female body, in order to seduce most straight guys to entitle the Boobvertiser to whatever she wishes. Can also be paired with knee-high boots or stilettos for maximum effect.

This form of advertising, may or may not pay off for the men giving in to her wishes, but mainly depends on the actual sluttiness of the woman in question. See also: adverteasing.
Cleavage = Boobvertising.

Push up bra, silicone implants = False Boobvertising.

No bra, A-cup with hardened nipples = low budget Boobvertising.

Joe: "Hey man, did you see that girl's rack?!"
Alfred: "I dare say my good fellow, what lovely, exquisite Boobvertising!"
by Underhere June 11, 2011
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