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An endearing term used to describe a person or situation usually replacing "awwww" and will typically create a moment of introspective love towards yourself and/or others.

Can be used as a noun or adjective
Used as a noun. Example ; Girl walks in on the party. She sees her besty and greets her!...."Hi boobie boobie!"

Used a an adjective. Example ; Dude sees hotty sashe' in. She approaches the bar. Dude responds quickly and races to her aid. As the gentleman he is, he pulls out the chair for hotty. Out of sheer appreciation, she turns to her besty and says "awwee...boobie boobie! Wasn't that sweet!?" Dude grabs hotty, spins her chair around, jams his tongue down her throat and strangely gets slapped....He asks "why" she states that just because it was a boobie boobie moment does not mean you have carte blanche...Dude and hotty proceed to the dudes car for a more 'boobie' moment

How sweet
by Christofool Kellaquil T-quilly October 12, 2011
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