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The expression BooHaa originated within a diminutive town in Derbyshire. Its first usage can be traced back to a small clan of people known as the Lampers.
Initially used by one of the clan’s legendary members, the term BooHaa has become a more increasingly accepted form of communication amongst the Lamper clan.
It is more typically used when Lampers communicate through online networks and messenger programmes; however a gradual transition into verbal communication has been seen in recent months.
The phrase Boohaa can be used to convey a variety of moods, feelings, thoughts and emotions, having multiple ways in which it can be expressed dependent upon tone of spoken voice or style of written communication.
BooHaa can be used sarcastically or to show sadness/euphoria/boredom, BooHaa can also be used to console or congratulate but more habitually it is found as a greeting on text messages sent between fellow clan members.
Sarah 7 balls Ben at pool.
Jake would utilize the word β€˜BOOHAA’ to congratulate Sarah, however he would then lower the tone (sarcastically) to β€˜BooHaa’ to console Ben.

Text messenging:
Jake: I’m bored BOOHAA!! Beer anyone??

1, Gaz: BOOHAA!! (This would be taken as a yes)
2, Nic: BooHooHaa!! (This would be taken as no)

Online Networking/messaging program:
Emma 1: Boohaa (Used as: Hello/how you doing?)
Mat 2: BOOOOOOHAAAAAA (In response: I’m great and you?)

by Remi Martin-Lamper June 18, 2008
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