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#1. Another name for a band-aid. Since you get hurt when your a little kid, and its a boo-boo and you need a band-aid..Thus the word boo-dade.

#2. A guy/girl that you miss alot and they are going out with someone else. But you still miss them alot.
When I slipped and fell from my Gibson, i cut my knee really bad, so i went and got a boo-dade.

Man, Dustin's going out with Megan. I wished he was still my boo-dade.
by Laque Hollifield April 01, 2005
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Boodade=When someone did you something (real or imagined) and now you are in your feelings about it. Similar to sulking about something, being sore about something.
Example: Ben just found out thatJesse took his girl and now he's boodade about it.
by Copperskirt September 23, 2016
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