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1; A person who is somehow naturally capable of indicating whether or not a person has any African genetic heritage, in spite of the fact that generally they may seem merely causasian to others.

2; Someone who can inexplainably sense when a black person is involved in any one given situation, often including a consequential sense of blame upon the person.
Example 1;

Person 1: "Don't let that Britney lookin' broad fool you, she's got a little sometin' sometin' in her."

Person 2: "You heard it boys...the boo stinker has spoken!"

Example 2;

Person 1: "What? Someone messed up your ride? It was that black motherfucka whose girl tried to hit you up last month!"

Person 2: "Shit boo stinker, you gifted son!"
by Jace Jackson July 29, 2008
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