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A blow job recieved from a ghost. It is an unexplained occurence that tends to happen mostly at night. Many paranormal investigators believe it is not an intelligent haunting, but just an "imprint" of what was. Boo jobs happen mostly to boys that are ages 13-17. Many people believe a boo job is a form of "ghost rape". Nobody knows exactly why boo jobs happen to people. Some people think it is at random, and others believe that the person recieving the boo job could have been the ghost's lover in another life.
Timmy awoke to a strange sucking noise. He looked down to see a white mist at his "package". He let out a scream and the white mist vanished. It occured to him that he had just been a victim of a "boo job".
by TheUnexplained March 27, 2009
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