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A breakfast of champions. A morning meal consisting of four quadruple vodkas and a ham sandwich.
Only recorded Bonzo Breakfast resulted in the death of famous Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, for whom which the endeavor was named after.
John Bonham is considered a professional at his work and the Bonzo Breakfast should not be attempted by anyone.
"I had to get to class in a hurry, so I had a quick Bonzo Breakfast!"

"A Bonzo Breakfast a day keeps the doctor away."

"Nothing starts or ends the day right like a Bonzo Breakfast!"

"4 out of 5 doctors reccomend the Bonzo Breakfast. Normal results of the Bonzo Breakfast result in high blood pressure, blackouts, and sometimes death."

"The ham sandwich was so good, but the quadruple shots really hit the spot!"
by Pip the legend September 05, 2008
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