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Main Entry: bonkknob
Pronunciation: \bäŋk-näb\
Function: intransitive verb
Etymology: Middle English bonkeknobbe; akin to Middle Low German baunkknubbe
Date: 14th century

1 a : to fall short of something : to not achieve <bonkknobbing to show up for court had disastorous repercussions> b : to fade or die away <until our family line bonkknobs> c : to fail miserably <he completely bonkknobed figuring out what the eight letter palindrome was>
"We bonknobbed the search, so he had to make one up."

"I'm back, I brought hearty mugs of xmas eve bonkknob for all! Merry Chris Mouse!"

"I was at my girlfriend's house earlier; she gives GREAT bonkknob. I didn't even have to polish my bonkknob."

"This Columbian Bonkknob is primo!"
by Odelay December 25, 2009
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