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A term in Korea for certain professional Starcraft players. A Bonjwa is a player that dominates an era, winning a numbers of titles. In addition, it is someone that affects the way the game evolves. Accepted Bonjwas are Boxer, NaDa, iloveoov, sAviOr, and Flash. With the exception of Boxer, they each won at least 4 titles in 6 or less seasons. However, a certain number of titles is not an official requirement. Instead, the general talk in Korea defines the status.

Jaedong was remarkably close, but his streak of dominance was interrupted by the more successful Flash. Bisu was also close, but did not dominate a single era long enough.

"Bonjwa" 본좌 in Korean was originally the self-raising first-person pronoun, used to distinguish oneself.
Flash is Bonjwa because he won 4 total OSLs/MSLs in 3 seasons while demonstrating mastery of Terran.
by Crisium October 08, 2010
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