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In the literal sense, 'Bolod' means without Balls/Testicles.
However, it is usually used in order to refer to someone whos been robbed of his manhood and is now left for the sole purpose of providing comic releif to the rest of the world. He is in fact a man without any right to be called a man. Yes! a Bolod in other words is synonymous for Gay/Homosexual, although, in a less derogatory sense of the meaning.

Magi refers to a Whore or Prostitute. Same as Khanki in Bengali. Please make sure not to mix up with popular - 2 minute noodle brand "Magi". In fact some of their flavours are quite enjoyable. On that note some magis may also give u the same feeling.

Bolod Magi can also be used in a frendly way. Close frends can get away with calling you that. But, please do not use it on a stranger unless you hav a Mastans phone number handy.
Kashem : Oi Bolod Magi, mayyatare thik motoh dhor nah.
Kuddus: Aree bal, dhorar aagei toh dour mare.

Kashem : You worthless, without testicles, poor excuse of a man, make the move on the girl.
Kuddus: OH FUCKING PUBIC HAIRS! I would if she stopped running away from me.
by Bad Words Are No Good May 28, 2006
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