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The capital city of Dyria in mongerian society, home to "Jennifer Eight", was the first city in mongerian history to be deemed a "bread-way", leading the path for other mongerian enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and dictators to begin the developement of the War of Bayne in 5674. Also, Bolbenga's natural unique waterway system has become an international vacationing tourist attraction due to its beauty and prestige. It contains the largest "Pissway" on earth.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith are sado-mosochists and child abusers, so in turn they sent their 4 year old daughter to Bolbenga for a long vacation and a nightmarish life lesson.

"Hey honey, I'm gonna go with the guys on a trip to Bolbenga so we can get ass-raped and lit on fire for a week!"
by gregg reed April 19, 2008
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