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When a person is one of the boish they are officially one of the lads and can spend time with the boish.
Rennie : "Why's Beefy standing beside us?"

Matt : "He just wants to be one of the boish"
by rennie_hfc January 28, 2009
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You can use this word at the end of any sentence or just to emphasize a point.
And so it was the man never returned...boish.
Oh that was wicked BOISH
by The Phenomenal Matt December 21, 2005
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Boish; slang of Boyshit; used in place of bullshit when said refering to bullshit associated with or by a boy.
Noun. Acting Boish
Verb. Boished it up.
Adjective. That’s Boish bull shit
Adverb. He Boishly told me it was over by text message.
Said by male "I’ve got Boish to do"

Said by female "I'm fed up with all this boish, I'm gonna go lesbian"

Said by homosexers "Total Boish, don't blame all your infidelities on the fact your male, that’s the oldest trick in the book of Boish boy bull shit."
by Apedanger January 22, 2009
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to fuck really hard and exoticly. anal and or vaginal area

(between bash and boink)
jake: so have you boished your gf yet
brent: no im not really into that vaginal area
brent:because im more into anal
by g0ds d3s1r3 August 13, 2009
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