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created by blending the words BOHEMIAN with the word HIPPY. Bohippians usually have long hair, beards, and appear to be hippies, however, Bohippians are more cynical. Bohippians, some of them are recovering drug addicts and alcholics, while others are not satisfied with the mainstream. Bohippians love handouts, and expect the government to assist individuals in dire need by giving them large amounts of cash. Bohippians are also well educated and love to sit around and attempt to out smart each other.

friend - look at that guy with the long hair, scraggly beard and carrying those text books.
You - dude, that guys a bohippian.
friend - does he go to school here?
You - He's going for his third degree i hear
friend - he should buy himself a haircut
You - dude he doesn't make enough money pandhandling
by Donald MacDonald July 16, 2005
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Steiner: Tova, you're such a hippie!
Tova: That might be, but you're a bo-hippian!
by Brown Eyed Girl June 28, 2005
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