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This would be the sibling-given version/nickname of Bonita or Bonnie. It could be considered to be a combination of Bogart (after Humphrey Bogart) which is a Dutch name for Orchid and Annette (after Annette Funicello) .

Bogart was teased as a child for his tidyness and curls. He did not go for after school activities and he needed people. He enjoyed fishing and sailing. Bogart also did not understand why he could not speak his mind (in HOLLYWOOD) about why an actor, director, writer, or movie STUNK or SUCKED. He advised Robert Mitchum that to make it, you needed to be an "againster".

Annette Funicello took singing & dancing lessons to overcome shyness. She did commercials for Skippy peanut butter, was one of the first Mouseketeers, and starred in many beach pictures with Frankie Avalon and was the first female to SHOW HER BELLYBUTTON! (This was against Disney's request to be modest)
Sista: "Hey, how's my little Bognetta?"
Bognetta: "I'd rather be fishing and eating peanut butter!"
Sista: "Why not come dancing? (song by the Kinks)
Bognetta: "Well I like to sing kareoke, but I need a coupla drinks before kicking up my heels"
Sista: "Aw, C'mon!!! You can be an againsta & show off yo bellybutton!!!"
Bognetta: "YA, YA, SISTERHOOD...and then I may dream I'm in the arms of Frankie Avalon!"
Sista: "It's only NATURAL" (song by the Kinks)
by Bognetta February 04, 2010
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