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A home garage, fitted out as if it is a living room- complete with chairs, sofa as well as television, games consoles, hi-fi etc. A bogan loungeroom is typified by the fact that the garage door usually remains open for all passers-by to see inside. For this reason they are more notable all-year-round in Queensland (esp Brisbane) suburbia rather than in milder climates.

See also Kiwi loungeroom- a specific derivative of the above differentiated by the occupants proudly displaying a Silver Fern or All Blacks flag on prominent wall, often drinking Steinlager and conversing loudly with only three vowel sounds.

A rarer specific case is the bogan (or Kiwi) bedroom, which is enhanced by at least, but not limited to, one bed, and used to (illegally) sleep in.
As I took the dog for a walk I saw the neighbours on a drunken Conference Call of Duty in their bogan loungeroom, nodded and fake-smiled acknowledgement.
by hristinho18 October 25, 2011
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