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A hairstyle generally sported by young bogan men, consisting of a thin strip of hair bleached blonde around the edge of the hairstyle. Usually about 1cm in diameter and never more than 3 or 4cm.

May be used stylishly in combination with a mullet or rat tail. And for those with discerning taste, not to be used without a large rectangular patch of hair on back or back left of the head, bleached also.

This haircut is most effective with black or brown hair.

This is a new trend amongst Australian youth of low socio-economic background (see bogan dero ), and although not as prevelent as the mullet or rat tail as yet, it appears to be only gaining popularity.
Did you see that kid with the "Bogan Band" ?

Wow, what a dero !
by Tsuzi September 15, 2010
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