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Boerne Tx is a town about 20 minutes outside of the predominately hispanic city of San Antionio. Everyone in Boerne is either under the age of 18 or over the age of 50. The youth population normally falls into one of three "classes". The "leftover" hispanic gangsters from San Antonio. The second class is at of the "Hicks" or some call themselves "Skaters"...but they are really hicks at heart. Now most of these are male, and chew dip, smoke weed, drink keystone, and sometimes pull out a skateboard every once in a while to "be cool". And everyone, I mean EVERYONE drives pickup trucks, whether they live on a farm, an apartment, or a 3 million dollar mansion, everyone has a truck. "Bullriding" is also considered acceptable among the hick class, but no one knows why. The final class is that of the "Preps". Now these "Preps" attend Champoin Highschool or The small quaint Geneva school. Most of these peoples parents drive at least 2 cars and live in million dollar homes, yes this is an exaggeration but they sure act like it.

so welcome to boerne, enjoy old things and stuck up kids.
"Hey that kid is driving a truck, wearing a polo, and wearing a gangster chain...he is the epidomy of a Boerne, Tx kid.
by notimportant8888 December 04, 2009
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