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A airliner Boeing made from the early 80s to the early 2000s. Arguably one of the most awesome airliners out there. Its engines are way overpowered for a plane its size and will give you one of the steepest and most exciting takeoffs ever even with a full load. It has unmatched capabilities for a plane its size - it's the smallest airliner that can do regular transatlantic flights (though you probably don't want to end up on a plane that small for transatlantic) thanks to an insane 3900nm range, and thanks to its powerful engines it'll get you out of the highest altitude airport on the hottest day without weight restrictions. An Airbus A321 or a Boeing 737 doesn't even compare.
Sweet, our flight got switched from a Boeing 737 to a Boeing 757. The takeoff's going to be awesome.
by SD60MAC August 19, 2011
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