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This is a native language of the Bodeeks. (See "bodeek" for definition). Only those of the secretive society know how to interrupt this language. Bodeekwan people tend to have incredibly good genes, and are aware that they are upperclass. In other words not cocky, confident.
One Bodeekwin makes a phone call to another bodeekwin:
BD1: Esten baeto!
BD2: Esten baeto, dae loff arroto?
BD1: Dota beschen ahlido!!
BD2: Mala ah deciplae
BD1: Sigaw, mala ah deciplae afto!
BD2: Yanahby, loe serti allo decinobrae!
BD: Hemitagemazzzzz!
by Victoriaolly January 15, 2011
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