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Bobby McPrescott is a term used to describe a person that tends to be whiney or high-maintenence. It can technically be used to describe a female, but most scholars generally view this as incorrect.

This word is derived from a song by group x. In context, the word was used in a mocking tone by Hashmir who was reprimanding a kid, this Bobby McPrescott (actually Blade from the band), who was complaining about physical ailments because (as Hashmir deduced) he failed to eat enough cheese to be healthy.
The excerpt in question from Group X - Cheese:

Bobby: All the kids at Eddie's are sayin' my bones are astrew, and that my arm... my arm looks like a garbage truck.

Hashmir: Oh, oh its right Bobby McPrescott. You know you're not eating a lot of cheese thats why. You're supposed to eat something like 14 hundred gallons per day or something.
by Skeeter McDougal August 29, 2005
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"She goes to touch the testiclites, and they make a sound like this *ting*."
-Bobby McPrescott
by Squarg December 17, 2009
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