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BobZeitz is a term used in adjective form, typically, if a person is being a BOBZEITZ, that person is acting like a 6 year old child, really really fat and smells like a leaking septic tank on a very old motor home. being a BOBZeitz would also indicate that there is a very low mentality and an intellect level of a jelly bean. Most people that are referred to as a BOBZEITZ are people that no one really likes, if they were toys, they would live on the island of misfit toys and most likely be BROKEN.
Wow man, Tilt is a real BOBZEITZ. I cant believe how stupid he is, he cant actually believe that people like him!
If I were a BOBZEITZ, I'd crash my motorcycle into a police car and scream ,"IVE GOT GUNS and I HATE COPS" so they would shoot me and end my miserable life.
by packettracer1 April 02, 2010
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