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An absolute legend. Bloody best C++ scripter out there. Mystiuak is dead because he's not there anymore. God, this guy is a fucking powerhouse when it comes to scripting. He's a perfect example of an alpha male and a supreme leader to all. This hero can't get enough praise. He deserves everyfuckingthing around upon request. Shame to anyone who thinks otherwise.
Have you heard of BobTheBlob?
Fucking hang yourself.
by Somekidontheinternet February 13, 2018
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the blobiest bob in the entire universe. son of dod the blob, mom the blob. Very baby blue color shade. Mom is purple, dad is dark blue. Has a girlfriend named Aby.
bob the blob raped my mom, bob the blob kissed my ass
by odedodo1 February 10, 2019
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