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An unapologetic leftist parrot, unconcerned with facts and figures or historical accuracy. A Boatwright will ignore a sputtering economy, staggering debt, and high unemployment rate, and continue to espouse the liberal point of view in each and every discussion, no matter how patently ridiculous. A Boatright will proudly forge ahead, ignoring the truth, equipped with the latest liberal talking points.
Even after 4 years of a horrible economy, with the national debt in the trillions and climbing daily, with more people on food stamps than in any time in our country's history, with unemployment running over 8%, this dude kept insisting that we are "on the right path", he swallowed "hope and change" and all that other crap, hook, line, and sinker. What an absolute Boatright that clueless moron is.
by That Dude Who Knows October 04, 2012
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