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I heard this expression "Board Monkey" first in the early 80's.
This is a term used to describe an inept electronics technician who, instead of just seeking out a cold solder joint in an IC (integrated circuit board) or replacing a 10 cent capacitor or equivalent small faulty component they will just order the whole part and make you pay for it, without doing a standard current continuity test.
Chances are you've been taken by a board monkey.
As a result, a 20 dollar bench time charge becomes hundreds of dollars in charges as a result of laziness, greed, (extra markup on new board) or lack of tenacity on the part of the technician.
This is one of the great hidden secrets of "repair ripoff". More people in this world have been burned by board monkeys anywhere, in any industry where electronics is remotely related, than any other scam in repair.
Personal example:
The panel of buttons between the two front seats in a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville has an integrated circuit board that apparently costs "750 dollars" Canadian. My daughter spilled a soft drink down between the buttons, rendering it unusable.
Upon telling them that a continuity test is in order with a bit of cleanup, instead of just a board replacement, the bill miraculously became 75 dollars and the panel was fixed and functional. I basically told them everything I said here to get these results.
by Omega Rat 1 August 26, 2009
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Someone who spends so much time cruising the boards, that after making 10,000 posts, accidentally says something worthwhile.
"I HAVE 12,384 POSTS!! I are pwn Joo! I wonder why no one likes me?"

reply "Here's your sign, board monkey"
by Will of Stone February 05, 2004
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