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A person (usually a boy in middle and high school, though they can be adults) from the south that thinks that they are a redneck but in reality, they come from a very well off, suburban family. They can be seen wearing the brands Southern Marsh, Patagonia, and Columbia. They are also seen wearing confederate flags, along with a hat or visor hooked to their belt. They often spout "yee-yee bo-gator", hence their name.
Bo-Gator: Yee-Yee Bo-Gator!!
Rational Person 1: ignore him, he's just a bo-gator
RP 2: yeah...good idea
by gaychurchboi July 09, 2018
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armadillo, black person, quail, cup, anything can be a bogator when you are from the bible belt.
ey man, didchu see day der bogator.
by bogatorfuck May 24, 2009
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an interjection expressing disdain over an event or circumstance that unexpectedly bums you out.
Dude 1: Dude, your pet snake died.
Dude 2: Bogator!
by DaveTaha May 01, 2007
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