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Blurvanist (n): 1. A person who listens to both Blur and Nirvana. (Ridiculous innit!?) 2. Someone who believes both Damon Albarn and Kurt Cobain are incredible songwriters and musicians. 3. A music fan who finds Britpop and grunge to be fantastic forms of music. (It's a paradox, an enigma, it cannot be explained, it 4. colloq. (of a person) a grunge/Britpop lover- someone following the outlines of Blurvanism.

*Can also refer to someone who listens to other grunge bands (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc.) and other Britpop bands (Travis, Suede, etc.)
Neville: Oii mate is that a Nirvana t-shirt you've got on?!
Krist: Yeah dude, I know...don't be hatin' on me.
Neville: Is that Country House I hear blaring on your iPod?!!
Neville: Hmph. Blurvanist yank.
by Keen101 November 18, 2010
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