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From "Blunkett".
- "Blunkettised"

1) The mental state invoked that a native (probably white) UK citizen ends up in when they are faced with the fear of opening their mouths to express their opinion of the apalling state of unlimited immigration & asylum in the UK.
Terriefied that some jumped-up little queen will start screaming NAZI at them for holding their opinion.
The irony being that the UK has had untill recently the priviledge of free speech... (lol).

2) When a neighbourhood or town is overwhelmed with immigrants and asylum seekers who stand around all day with nothing to do; dressed in leather jackets, chino's & bling; talking jibberish into the latest mobile phones.
1) So I'm a racist Nazi now because I object to the council buying land behind my cottage where they are going to build a camp to house hundreds of immigrants & asylum seekers for years while their declined applications are permanently lost in Gov't Bureaucracy
Shh! Can't say anything to offend!!!

2) Shit, the whole neighbourhood's full of asylum seekers these days - the place has been effectively BLUNKETTISED.
by shocked and off the fence February 13, 2005
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