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Bluecifer, Steed of Satan, is a giant blue statue of a horse rearing back on his hind legs. He stands outside Denver International Airport and watches nervous and weary travelers preparing to take a chance in the air. The ultimate power lies in Bluecifer's eyes, which are a type of red LED that pierces the night and will stare a hole through your soul or possibly ignite your car as you drive by.
I was driving to the airport one night to pick up a friend when Bluecifer's eyes distracted me so much that I slid into the ditch. Upon climbing out of my car, Bluecifer shot red lasers at me igniting both my car and the ditch into a fiery blaze. "NOOOO!" I screamed as I turned and ran back to Denver as fast as my horrified ass could run.
by Cadence Caller February 25, 2009
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