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BlueGlass, AKA - YSG, Yellow Shirt Guy, Yolo Swag Guy - Real name: Jared Minnihan, is a Speedrunner for Ecco the Dolphin and has become ever popular after being spotted on his debut Awesome Games Done Quickly marathon.

Starting off as a joke, BlueGlass was named the Yellow Shirt Guy because of his bright yellow shirt that stuck out amongst the crowd. YSG became the new FrankerZ as it ruled the chat.

As the stream progressed people came to really love BlueGlass for his caring nature, love for watching games and his extensive collection of shirts.

BlueGlass can be easily recognised by his distinctive voice, contagious laugh and soft clap.

BlueGlass doesn't currently stream due to him not having the equipment to do this. He does however have a YouTube channel (BlueGlass54) but the last upload is currently 6 years ago.

Long live BlueGlass
NewUser: What does that stand for?
User3: <3 BlueGlass clap!
by Weldaar January 13, 2013
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