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"Blue Lamp" is what you tell a friend who denies that they are very drunk to remember. In the morning ask, "what were you supposed to remember?" If your friend can remember blue lamp in the morning a sense of victory will overwhelm them as they have proven they were not actually that drunk, and if the friend cannot remember blue lamp confusion will overwhelm them.

Origin of term:

At my friend's lake house i had had a little to drink. my friend kept telling me that i was acting wild and telling me to calm down, but i vehemently denied my drunkenness. I thought I was acting perfectly normal. so my friend said "Okay, that lamp right there is blue... In the morning you should remember blue lamp if you aren't so drunk." So the next morning i wake up and scream "BLUE LAMP!!!" turns out i may not have been as drunk as my friend thought.
tim: you were so drunk last night

bob: no i wasnt...

tim: did you remember what u were supposed to remember then?

bob: what are you talking about?

tim: blue lamp ya drunken fool!
by mrword June 25, 2009
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