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Blue Collar is an eclectic rock/punk band out of Philadelphia. They have been together for over ten years, and continue to create amazing style-crossed music. BCPA, as they are affectionately known, have done it all; Opening up for Sugarcult and Phantom Planet outdoors; Packing the local pubs with their loyal fans; or driving ten hours to Vermont to wow an audience of twelve strangers. The music of Blue Collar is deeply rooted in the punk rock genre, but seems to break the stereotypes of a typical punk band. Within the elements of their music you hear some rock, a touch of hip-hop, funk, ska, and reggae. Whatever style you call it, the music is memorable and worth listening to over and over. The members of the band are as close as brothers. Tragically, one of the brothers was killed in a car accident in November of 2004. Front-man Vinny Green had a smooth, undeniable voice that has fast become the inspiration for the bands' future. Despite the hardships, Blue Collar has never faltered in their mission to create, perform, and amaze.

I am going to the Blue Collar PA Show at the Trocodero Theatre on July 8th at 6PM.
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