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Context: not all pedophiles ("boy-lovers") just let their fantasies run away with them. Some are working to try to get beyond their hang-ups and help others to as well. Following the tradition of cognitive therapy, and in order to POUNCE ON, IDENTIFY and CONTROL those runaway moments by using irony and satire, the following vocabulary item was created and offered to the community by "Didaskalos."

Official motto of the website:

BoyChat: You are not alone.


Ah, cry; a looney-tune taboo.

Ahoy! Let no cub too near ya.

Yeah, no blue cartoon a toy.

So, "Watching Blue Cartoons" is my new pet phrase for both:

A) reading & posting at BoyChat; cuz the background is baby-boy BLUE, gettit?

B) projecting needs & dreams & whatnot onto some boy.
E.g., "Former poster Dr. Adam Selene has not been Watching Blue Cartoons with us for a while."

But I gotta stop working on anagrams; I just "heard" a boy three blocks down crying because he had to go to bed. I better put on my BLUE CARTOON cape, swing into action, and FIX THAT BOY-DRAMA!!!!


The new 16-year old lifeguard dudes at the pool this summer are pretty handsome, I'm glad to say. Was that one with the earrings coming on to me, or am I just Watching Blue Cartoons again?

by Didaskalos May 31, 2007
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